African Cup of Nations   X   Durex

We wanted to create a campaign that would make a difference.​ When we began thinking of possible ideas, the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) had just kicked off and we thought it could be a great platform for an advertising campaign. 

One of the biggest problems in Africa is the high prevalence of people infected with HIV. Whilst HIV is now a lot easier to control, it still remains incurable. There are only ways to prolong the effects, but if left untreated or not prevented, more and more will continue to be infected.

The easiest way to prevent the spread of HIV is by wearing a condom during sexual intercourse. 

We decided to take Durex and make them the official partner of this years Africa Cup of Nations. The campaign is to run both in the UK and Africa to encourage condom use and safe sex. We created the hashtag #AFCONDOM, which when used will lead to Durex sending a condom to Africa.


Durex buys 375 seats which will be empty the whole match to emphasise that 375 people contract HIV every 90 minutes. They'll be in view of cameras throughout the game, commentary teams around the world will talk about the issue, reasoning and how viewers can help.