ZOMBIES - Cannes Young Lions 2020 (2nd place)

'Make the UK advertising industry the most progressive sector in recruiting, retaining and developing the most inclusive workforce.

Encourage young people from diverse backgrounds to choose a career in the UK advertising industry, make it an attractive choice to anyone at any stage of their career, and make it appealing to more female, BAME, neurodiverse, disabled, LGBTQ+ and over 50s candidates.'


Zombies don’t care what you look like or where you come from, they just want one thing… your big juicy brain. Just like advertising agencies.


Mmm… brains…


Using this idea of zombies’ love for brains and nothing else, our idea is to show how the UK advertising industry also shares the same desire. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, young or old, LGBTQ+ or disabled, because there’s no such thing as an “ideal candidate” to work in advertising. 


Intended as engaging and eye-catching posters, this campaign holds the important message that diversity is key to a successful industry, whilst also showing the creativity and fun that is at the core of the work we do.


The idea lends itself to be campaignable across a range of medias, from film to stunts at University careers fairs.


Our call to action tells the audience to consider a career in advertising by visiting the Inclusion Hub to learn more about the diversity and inclusion initiatives across the industry.

PRINT - Cannes Young Lions - Jake Smith
PRINT - Cannes Young Lions - Jake Smith
PRINT - Cannes Young Lions - Jake Smith