Time to Evolve

The way we harvest food is not sustainable for our existence, and by 2050 we'll have exhausted the world’s food supplies. We need to find alternative food sources.

Like insects.

Already enjoyed by more than 2 billion people on the planet, insects are incredibly nutritious, plentiful in supply, and most importantly, better for the environment.


But there's one thing holding us back from seeing them as a viable food option... Us.

It's time to evolve and put bugs back on the menu.


The campaign would be brought to the streets by experimental chef Heston Blumenthal and his bug truck to further familiarise the public with the idea of eating insects. Along with a guest restaurant spot in London's hottest food spots, such as box park.


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Check out the 'EVOLVE' website to learn more about insects, watch videos from brand ambassadors and even shop for products.