Time to Evolve

(Falmouth University)


The way we harvest food is not sustainable for our existence. By 2050 we will

have exhausted the world’s food supplies. We need to look for alternative food sources.



Insects are a great source of protein and energy, and have health benefits, whilst being plentiful in supply.



Educate consumers that insects are not only a viable and healthy food source, but that the only thing holding us back from seeing them as such, is us. This would be achieved through print and the launch of a new brand of food products, made from insects.

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After people have been made aware of the 'Time to Evolve' campaign it would be brought to the country's streets to familiarise the public to the idea of eating insects. 


This would be the first step in the introduction of the brand.


There would be pop up food trucks, street stalls, and people dressed as the characters handing out samples to try. We would want to hand out badges to get people showing themselves to be an active member and create a community.

An insect cookbook that could be in partnership with famous chefs to further promote the idea of eating insects. People won't know how to cook insects, but creating a cookbook can to teach them.

A YouTube cooking channel that would teach viewers different ways of cooking insects to eat, and how they can do it in their own home.

Snapchat face filters taking the campaign onto other media channels

Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal would be the chef in a pop up restaurant in London, where the menu is made entirely of insects.


To remove the initial fears around eating insects, it would only be revealed to customers at the end of their meal what they had been eating.

Here's a website we made for the 'EVOLVE' brand, where consumers can go to learn about insects, check out videos from some of our brand ambassadors and even shop for our products!