Launch a new drinks brand that did something unlike anything else in the market already, and create a brand launch campaign. 

We wanted to create a drink that served a purpose and make a real difference to the market and our consumers. 

FemininiTea is a herbal tea that comforts and supports women when on their period. Made from spinach, kale and ginger, FemininiTea soothes, revives and uplifts women during this time. Our choice of ingredients are specifically chosen to do so. They are naturally sourced and are high in Iron, Vitamin C and other important nutrients that are diminished and lost during a woman's period. Spinach is packed with Vitamin C, which allows the body to absorb Iron much faster. Kale is a natural aid against anaemia and fatigue due to its high Iron content. Finally, ginger reduces several forms of nausea and is a natural anti-inflammatory reducing soreness and muscle pain, to help fight menstrual cramps. 

The main aim of our brand campaign was to remove the social stigma surrounding 'periods' as in society they are almost seen as taboo, even the word itself many find to be off-putting. We wanted to confront them head on and show there is nothing embarrassing about them. After conducting primary research in the forms of surveys and speaking to a female friends, they dislike the inaccuracy of current period advertising where they are made out to be easier than they are (girls all dressed in white riding a horse on a beach, for example), we wanted a real and honest campaign that cut out the metaphors and got straight to the heart of the problem and our solution.