When you’re driving in the car, you’re in your own world of thoughts and personal space; it’s your own little bubble… Whether you’re listening to music, chatting with friends or family in the car with you, or driving somewhere to do something. However, going in to the petrol station to pay for fuel, burst your bubble of thoughts, as we get distracted and start to think about something else- what pump number you are, or from the inevitable small talk with the cashier.


BPMe allows you to stay in your moment. You don’t need to go into the petrol station. You can fill your car and quickly get back to what you were doing, and carry on without the interruption.


We decided to target YouTube pre roll adverts, and launch a responsive campaign that was personal to each user. Each pre roll ad would be tailored to users search terms, to keep them in the moment, and thinking about what they had searched for. Allowing their thoughts to be uninterrupted, and instead relate to the users searched for video.

For example, if you’re searching for Arctic Monkeys music, our BPMe pre roll ad keeps you in the moment and thinking about Arctic Monkeys, by showing a situation where the pre roll is based on Arctic Monkeys, making it less interruptive, and more targeted.

Or if you’re searching for top 10 things to do in Bangkok, or anything travel related, the pre roll ad will be based on travelling and holidays

Or if someone searches for anything Christmas related, they’ll get a pre roll advert of two brothers trying to remember the names of Father Christmas’s reindeer. Keeping the users search relevant.