Haemophilia A is a rare blood disease that stops the blood from clotting,
which can lead to major internal bleeding, particularly in joints, across the body. It mainly affects men, who grow up not living their life to the full after making compromises to avoid bleeds.

Young men with haemophilia often struggle to talk about how it affects their lives – things like their sex lives, managing pain, and their mental health. Consequently, many rely on humour to broach these awkward subjects online and share how they’re really feeling.

Based on this insight, the ReDefine Haemophilia website was launched withthe #MEMEOPHILIA challenge – a bespoke ‘meme generator’ that gave patients the tools to generate and share their own memes to express themselves.

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Muscles from Brussels - Exercise

A three-part series about exercising correctly and safely with Haemophilia, hosted by Sébastien Lobet, a physiotherapist and researcher at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc in Brussels.

Travelling with haemophilia - Travel

This series was made to give tips, advice and correct common misconceptions about traveling with haemophilia, to ensure young men could travel without any turbulence.