Stop giving out hearts,
Start giving out kidneys



How do you raise awareness among 18-35 year olds about the lack of kidney organs available for transplant?

You take the most famous organ in the world - the Instagram Heart - and replace it with a kidney during organ donation week.

Selena Gomez received a life-saving kidney transplant in 2017, and has used her platform to voice and campaign for improvements in organ donation.

Being so popular with the target demographic with 235million followers, she could lead the charge on social media, raising awareness of the cause.


We can help real people on the waiting list by promoting their profile using sponsored posts. Not only spreading our message, but helping them find a donor.


Tactical photobooths for people would print with the kidney visual to show our message and encourage them to share to Instagram.

Popular 'Instagram spots' would be hijacked with our branding to take advantage of the irony that these photos will receive hearts from people who like the post.

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