Don't let haemophilia get in the way of your love life

With global issues like body confidence finally getting the attention they deserve, we noticed a section of society being left behind. Young men with haemophilia. Their body confidence issues meant they were missing out on a vital aspect
of life; love and physical relationships.

They worry it’s hard to understand, it makes them unattractive, and it might affect their sexual performance.
Like many young men, they’re also embarrassed to talk openly about sex, relationships, and how they really feel.

So we had to start the conversation for them. But how do you talk to millennials about sex?


The same way they do. Which is why we used a well-known pair of emojis to make them feel comfortable with
their condition and ultimately show them that having a love life, AND haemophilia, doesn’t have to be complicated.


The campaign launched on Valentine's Day, a time when patients would be feeling increased pressure on their love life.

PM Awards -
Silver (Best Patient Film & Animation )

PM Awards - Bronze (Best Patient Support Campaign)