Don't let haemophilia get in the way of your love life

Young men with haemophilia don’t want to ask their doctor:
'What’s the best sex position to avoid a joint bleed?’


So how do you talk to millennials about sex? The same way they do. Which is why we

brought to life a well-known pair of emojis 🍆🍑 - emojis usually used by our target audience when chatting about sex.


We took them offline and into the real world, gave them their own individual personalities, characteristics, looks, and accents, and transformed them into real couples at different stages of their relationships.


We captured real human moments and interviewed real patients and their partners to get honest insights into how they manage haemophilia when it comes to the bedroom and their relationship.


With a series of short films, we broke down these conversation barriers and turned what’s notoriously difficult to talk about into entertaining but educational films.