We live in such a fast moving world nowadays that it is hard to keep track of everything that goes on in our life. People tend to use their phones to set reminders, but these can easily ignored or forgotten.



People still like to use Post-It notes to jot down important dates, or scribble little drawings to remind them of what is happening in their life.



Use Post-It notes to remind consumers of important calender dates that are all to easily forgotten.

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1 Superbowl.jpg
5 Mothers Day.jpg
9 World cup.jpg
13 Summer Holidays.jpg
3 Pancake day.jpg
10 Fathers Day.jpg
6 Easter.jpg
11 Glastonbury .jpg
14 Back to School.jpg
3 Valentines.jpg
8 FA cup.jpg
10 Wimbledon.jpg
15 NBonfire.jpg
4 Oscars.jpg
7 Royal Wedding.jpg
16 Black Friday.jpg

We'd want a different Post-it for every day of the year. Every date holds an important reminder for someone and we want to see some of the more wackier calendar dates that get celebrated, like 'Squirrel Appreciation Day' (that's January 21st by the way).

The digital aspect of the campaign would see Post-it sharing the dates on Facebook (4.5m likes) for users to share and remind their friends and family of particular dates. For example, mum's could subtly hint to their forgetful children that Mother's Day is just around the corner...

Mothers Day.jpg
World cup.jpg

To take the digital aspect of the campaign further, we would make a series of cute and funny gifs for social media platforms, that are easily shareable.