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Get #YouthCanDoIt onto social media feeds. Make it relevant, thought provoking, rousing, motivational and get people to stop in their tracks and support 'The Prince's Trust'.


The message and emotion from the recent TV campaign does not transcend onto The Prince's Trust social media platforms. They're rather uninspiring, and the message seems to become lost and falls a bit flat. How could we keep it appealing and engaging for the youth?


We created the 'Daily-Motivational-Hashtag-Challenge-Generator' that encourages interaction and responses from users, whilst aiming to inspire young people at the same time. Taking the #YouthCanDoIt, we decided to drop the #DoIt and every day a new word spins into place. The idea is that users see the new hashtag and can tweet back, post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter a photo, video or story of them responding to the new hashtag challenge.

Why Will It Work:

It encourages young people to share their personal stories, be inspired and inspire others, start a conversation and motivate. The Trust's wide network on celebrities means it can reach a wider audience as they can get involved with the daily hashtag, post on their social media, and encourage their followers to get involved. It can be used to start challenges, for example #YouthCanCreate; we want to see people redesigning the logo to give it a fresh and modern look? It can also be transcended across all social media. The share-ability and earned media from the hashtag generator will appear all over social media, as more people get involved, and celebrity ambassadors spread the message and amplify the recent brand campaign and overarching message that 'Youth Can Do It'.

Example reply 1

Example reply 2

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A "Youth Movement"
How could we give The Prince's Trust a fresh, modern and youthful feel? Outdoor, graffiti based artwork will noticed and shared between young people. We want to get the youth talking and starting a conversation about the Trust, making them aware of it, if they weren't already.