(Falmouth University)

It's Tabasco's 150th anniversary.
We wanted to celebrate this.

Since 1868, all Tabasco has been made and produced on Avery Island, a salt dome in south Louisiana. We depicted Avery Island as hell on earth, the devil residence, where he takes up his hobby in the condiment market.


Avery Island has more than 100,000 tourists a year. Ambient advertising and stunts would be set up to bring the story to life and create a sense of mystery around Avery Island.

bus doors.jpg

There's only one road into and out of Avery Island- Highway 329. We want to transform this road into the 'Highway to Hell', with claw marks on road signs, dead trees with fake crows, cracks in the road, all leading up to the Gates of Hell at the entrance to Avery Island.

We created a public Spotify playlist featuring some of the most devilish tracks out there, which could be shared online by Tabasco, and also playing once tourists get to Avery Island. Tours of the salt dome which Avery Island sits on would take visitors through an interactive hellish landscape, filled with actors to scare visitors and make the scene even more believable.

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