Clogged Christmas - Ogilvy Brief Winners

(Falmouth university)


'Fatberg' - A large mass of solid waste, formed in the sewer as a result of fat, cooking oil,
and grease poured down the drain.

In September 2017 a ‘Fatberg’ the size of Tower Bridge was discovered beneath the streets
of London. They are a bigger a problem at Christmas, when there are 24% more drain
blockages (from all that turkey fat).

To raise awareness of the problems they cause, we brought fatbergs out of the drains and
clogged up social media feeds instead, to give users a personal experience of being clogged up.

We created a Twitter auto-bot account to automatically reply to Tweets with the top 10 most popular hashtags at Christmas. When someone tweets one of these, our autobot will reply with a friendly, fatberg based tweet.

By replying to every tweet containing popular Christmas hashtags, it will have a snowball effect and start to clog up social media feeds.

The fatbergs will hijack traditional Christmas associations with tailored replies.


Even parodying Christmas advertising campaigns with images of fatbergs.

The account will link out to the Thames Water Fatberg information page. These pages will be infographics where the problem and solution is broken down and made easy to understand.

My infographic.jpg

We would make an image that is the actual the length of the fatberg found in London. Users can keep scrolling down it, reading more stats the further they go, helping to understand the reality of Fatbergs.