Junior Creative team selling drugs at Havas Lynx. We work with a number of clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry including Roche, Novartis, Janssen Cilag, Astra Zeneca, BMS, Celgene and more. Helping to save the world from diseases such as Haemophilia, Major Depressive Disorder, Schizophrenia,

Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Asthma and a plethora of other hard to spell diseases.

MARS London October - November 2018: Worked on multiple clients in the FMCG and Healthcare industries 

(Coca Cola, Molsen Coors, Mars Confectionary, Claritin, Aspirin, Berocca and Beconase)

Our campaign for Claritin went live in Mexico and is considered “Best in class” by Bayer.


Live brief pitches at agencies for Mr. Muscle (Ogilvy), The Princes Trust (CHI & Partners), NN Insurance (KRFL), BP (Collective London), Virgin Media (Rapp).


Artwork included in ‘Have a Butcher’s: The Making of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’


Produced a series of social media ads for 'Visit Cornwall' which ran on their Facebook.


Led Zeppelin

Hipster with full man bun- beard combo

Tea, one sweetener





Crushed avocado with chili flakes and a poached egg




Dad bod


Most likely to be found: struggling to parallel park

Scared of birds

Man crush: Fernando Torres (2012 UCL semi against Barca)

Super power: mind reading (Jake will say super stretch)

Favourite lyric: If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed.


Arctic Monkeys

Cornish surfer complete with year round shorts and t-shirt combo

Flat white, sprinkles on Sundays



Breaking Bad


Grandma’s own Cornish pasty, with a good dollop of brown sauce




In shape


Most likely to be found: guiding max into a parking spot

Scared of polystyrene

Man crush: Legolas (when he brings down the elephant)

Super power: super stretch

Favourite lyric: *whispers* suck it to me

All that aside, Max and Jake are a driven, determined and dynamic duo of creative thinkers. Jake always thinks his work can be better and won't rest until he knows it is the best it can possibly be; a photoshop wiz and lay-out perfectionist, his art direction only ever improves. Max's wit, combined with his sensibility, pervades through all his copywriting, culminating in sharp, punchy headlines and thought-provoking copy.